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Voice Acting in Dialogue

Dialogue is a game about conversation so, unsurprisingly, a lot of talking happens. We at TPG have played more than our share of text heavy games, but we knew from the start that it would be difficult to capture the feeling of conversation without voice acting.

From a design perspective, voice acting is an important tool. With voice acting, your ears can take on some of the work too, so your eyes and reading capacity aren’t overloaded. Having the vast majority of the game voiced is also a major step towards creating a more accessible game – whether that means a more comfortable experience for casual players or a more play-able one for players with visual impairments. Also, it’s really cool!

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Hello all, welcome to the home of Tea-Powered Games! We are an indie game development company focused on telling stories and pioneering mechanics which broaden storytelling in games. We also drink excessive amounts of tea, if such a thing as ‘excess tea’ exists (it doesn’t, by the way). This is the place to read our thoughts, get updates on our work and get in touch with us.

I am Dustin Connor, and along with the lovely Florencia Minuzzi, we are the Co-Directors and Founders of TPG. I’d like to kick things off by letting you take a peek at what we care about and why we’re here working hard to bring you great new interactive experiences.

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Tea-Powered Games

Tea-Powered Games is a playful, independent game development company aimed at creating progressive, narrative games. By showcasing new ways of integrating storytelling and play, we want to present fresh perspectives and experiences to enrich the lives of our players. We aim to tell stories and provide meaningful play regardless of how experienced someone might be with games. Platform, target audience, genre and style are all chosen on a project-by-project basis to fit the experience, always with an eye towards the experimental and exploratory.

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