Narrative Design Consultancy

At Tea-Powered Games we help people tell better interactive stories, in new and interesting ways. We like telling STORIES THAT EXIST HAND-IN-HAND WITH GAMEPLAY, rather than ones that are layered over the top. We enjoy convincing dialogue, subverting expectations in storytelling, and having a chat over a nice cup of tea.

We work with the best studios to make their games even better, taking on SCRIPT-WRITING, EDITING, STORY AND WORLD CONCEPTING, NARRATIVE TROUBLESHOOTING and fully fledged NARRATIVE DESIGN. But we also make our own games (such as Dialogue: A Writer’s Story and Elemental Flow), so you can rest assured we know the process like the back of our hands!

Game Design and Development

Maybe you have a brilliant narrative game, but are short on the development skills to bring it to life. We can help there too! SPECIALISING IN UNITY DEVELOPMENT, we help build a coherent visual design for games, from useful and visually pleasing USER INTERFACES and smooth, engaging TEXT DEPLOYMENT, to seamless USER EXPERIENCE. Our skills in creating narrative games come as a bonus, guiding the narrative to work with your game as it is developed.

Did we mention that we have plenty of experience SMOOTHING THE WORKFLOW FROM TEXT TO GAME? If you’re not sure how to get from a script in Ink or text in a spreadsheet to dialogue in your game, we can help with that.

We know the narrative experience doesn’t end at the words. We can bring all the skills we put to use in our own work to ensure your stories are told in only the way games can. 


Need help getting your narrative game off the ground? We have years of experience getting a game FROM CONCEPT TO PLAYABLE BUILD, whether that means a nicely formatted Twine game or a fresh Unity build. Under one roof, you get a combination of PROGRAMMING, EARLY ASSETS, WRITING, VISUAL DESIGN, GAME DESIGN and NARRATIVE DESIGN (because one ‘design’ is never enough). 

We’ll work with you to quickly and efficiently build something REPRESENTATIVE AND PLAYABLE, so you can get on with testing, iterating, pitching and generally getting your vision out into the world.

We’re big fans of flexibility, and can design bespoke options based on the needs of each game. Here are the types of things we typically do, as a starting point.

Every project is unique, but we still follow a few steps no matter what the project. This should give you an idea of how our process tends to go.

We want to talk to you about your needs, what you can afford, and work out a plan that’s best for your game. We offer free consultations, so if you want to find out what we could do for your game, send us a message, email ( ) or tweet ( @teapoweredteam ).

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