About Us

Tea-Powered Games is a playful, independent game development company aimed at creating progressive narrative games, and helping other studios improve on their design and narrative.

In our own games, we want to showcase new ways of integrating storytelling and play, presenting fresh perspectives and experiences, providing meaningful play regardless of a person’s experience with games. Our first game, Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, focuses on different mechanical representations of conversations.

We also aim to help others create games which have unique stories entwined with their game’s own mechanics. As consultants, we want to help evolve storytelling in games, to add new methods of delivering narrative that mesh seamlessly with the game’s main forms of play.

The presskit for Tea-Powered Games can be found here.


DustinCreative Director and Game Designer

Dustin Connor is the Creative Director and Game Designer for Tea-Powered Games, as well as Co-Director and Co-Founder of the company. Before dedicating himself to TPG, he wrote about games and game design at Turnbasedliving.com, worked on a few pet design projects and spent a long time learning as much as he could about whatever he could (which might explain the MSci in Physics and PhD in Computational Neuroscience). When he’s not busy working to create games with the team or managing the company, he’s probably gaming or writing about gaming, because there’s always more to learn, experience and enjoy. You can find his recent work here.


FloWriter and Co-Director

Florencia Minuzzi is the Writer for Tea-Powered Games, and the other Co-Director and Co-Founder of the company. After a few years of answering such exciting questions as ‘What could this gene in baker’s yeast do?’, during which time she published the humorous post-modernist novella A Sincere Attempt at Writing Tales of Moran, she decided it was time to combine her love of videogames and writing. She can be found in front of her computer or at the nearest coffee shop, trying to finish the next game script or posting short stories at teawithflo.com. You can find her portfolio here.

Other Contributors

  • Zoë

    ZoëVisual Director and Artist

    Zoë O’Shea was the Visual Director and Artist for Dialogue: A Writer's Story. Originally from Dublin, Ireland she came to England to fulfil her dream of working in the games industry. Her background includes an undergraduate degree with a focus on 3D modelling, animation and visual effects, and an MA in Digital Game Theory and Design. Aside from games, Zoë’s interests vary widely from fashion to fencing. She has a weakness for all things cute and her absolute favourite thing in the world is curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea.

  • Ant

    AntGame Developer and Programmer

    Antony Churchill was the Game Developer and Programmer for Dialogue: A Writer's Story. A long-term fan of all things mathematical, he settled (readily if not very directly) into the world of programming, after discovering that converting theorems into food can prove tricky. When not Smiting Bugs with an Iron Fist, he enjoys gaming in many of its forms, and is always up for a challenge, from MTG to Starcraft to Go to DDR to Noughts and Crosses (though that one can take a while). His perfect evening will typically start with a pizza and a good beer and end somewhere completely unpredictable from initial conditions.

  • Romy

    RomySound and Music Director/Composer

    Romy was the Sound and Music Director/Composer for Dialogue: A Writer's Story. At the tender age of 4 she fell in love with the piano and began her career as a composer/songwriter, writing songs and short pieces of music alongside her classical training for years to come. At 8, she got a Playstation for Christmas and became engulfed in the immense universe of Final Fantasy, particularly entranced by the majestic soundtracks of Nobuo Uematsu. She went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Music degree from UCD Dublin, then decided to pursue her dream of becoming a full­-time professional musician (find out more about her solo project at soundslikeromy.com).