About Us

Tea-Powered Games is a playful, independent game development company aimed at creating progressive narrative games, and helping other studios improve on their design and narrative.

In our own games, we want to showcase new ways of integrating storytelling and play, presenting fresh perspectives and experiences, providing meaningful play regardless of a person’s experience with games. Our first game, Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, focuses on different mechanical representations of conversations.

We also aim to help others create games which have unique stories entwined with their game’s own mechanics. As consultants, we want to help evolve storytelling in games, to add new methods of delivering narrative that mesh seamlessly with the game’s main forms of play.

The presskit for Tea-Powered Games can be found here.


DestinaGame Designer, Programmer, Co-Director

Destina Connor is the Game Designer for Tea-Powered Games, as well as Co-Director and Co-Founder of the company. She also dabbles in Unity code magic. In her spare time, she explores the fictional worlds of many forms of artful media, deconstructs and reconstructs every intangible thing she can get her hands on, and tries to share it all with anyone open to listening and sharing (as long as it's not on social media, bleh). You can find her recent work here.


FloWriter and Co-Director

Florencia Minuzzi is the Writer for Tea-Powered Games, and the other Co-Director and Co-Founder of the company. After a few years of answering such exciting questions as ‘What could this gene in baker’s yeast do?’, she decided it was time to combine her love of videogames and writing. While working on her company's conversation-heavy games, she also a freelance writer, editor and UI designer, helping others improve their games' narrative and visual presentation. Right now she's probably working on a game script, posting short stories or game reviews at teawithflo.com, or sketching out game menus. You can find her portfolio here.