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Hello all, welcome to the home of Tea-Powered Games! We are an indie game development company focused on telling stories and pioneering mechanics which broaden storytelling in games. We also drink excessive amounts of tea, if such a thing as ‘excess tea’ exists (it doesn’t, by the way). This is the place to read our thoughts, get updates on our work and get in touch with us.

I am Dustin Connor, and along with the lovely Florencia Minuzzi, we are the Co-Directors and Founders of TPG. I’d like to kick things off by letting you take a peek at what we care about and why we’re here working hard to bring you great new interactive experiences.

We love games. We love stories. We love stories told through games. Whether they are detailed environments which evoke histories, well-framed multi-player matches which instigate tales between players, or scripted sequences which convey characterful narrative, we love them all.

The stories that are out there right now are just the beginning though. There are stories we want to play which don’t exist yet; stories which we think you might want to play too. Some of these stories are possible with tried mechanics, they simply need a new context. Some stories might take a bit more imagination and hard work to become something that looks unlike what you have come to expect from games. On top of all this, many stories worth sharing have already been told, just not in the right way to reach us, you or your friend or loved one.

That’s where we come in – we want to make games that stretch the boundaries of the stories we can tell and how we tell them. These could take the form of games that flip any assumptions you have about the medium upside-down, or they could simply be a new twist on an old favourite.

Regardless of big changes or little tweaks, learning from the old or exploring the new, we’re all about telling stories in fresh and interesting ways.

Stories in games have helped shape the world around us and the vivid worlds of our collective imaginations, and we hope to put a story in your hands that could change your world too.

If any or all of this speaks to you, then gather round and stick with us here at Tea-Powered Games, because no story is complete without an audience.




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