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A Prelude

Jacob_neutralFrom: Jacob Hawthorne
To: Lucille Hawthorne
Subject: Hey

Hey, have you talked to Dad recently? I wanted to ask him something but he’s not replying to his emails.

Have you started working on your new novel yet? What’s the new protagonist like? Have you done that thing where you have a conversation with him/her/them in your head?


From: Lucille Hawthorne
To: Jacob Hawthorne
Subject: Conversationally quiet


Lucille_neutralI think his class might be on a field trip somewhere, so maybe that’s why.

I have a draft of the first two chapters, although as soon as I reread them I realized they were a bit too dull. The main character is supposed to be supervising two other people, but she’s not very authoritative, and they’re too jokey, so the dynamic feels a bit weird. Maybe I’ll introduce her boss in the first or second chapter and establish a bit more of a hierarchy.

No, I haven’t been able to get into the main character’s head yet, she’s still coalescing in my mind. Anyway, I don’t need to do that to write the novel, it’s just my way of making sure the character is consistent. Every writer has their own tricks.

Talk to you later!




From: Jacob Hawthorne
To: Lucille Hawthorne
Subject: Re: Conversationally quiet

Ok, maybe I’ll ask Mum if he’s not back soon.

Yeah, this boss sounds a good idea. Looking forward to seeing your first few chapters soon!


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