Dialogue: A Writer’s Story


Play out a year in the life of Lucille, a writer in her late twenties trying to write her second novel.

Dialogue takes place entirely through conversation, as Lucille chats with her family, friends and neighbours. Some conversations have options changing in real-time, others are relaxed and unfold spatially, yet others are carried out via email corrections. Explore the writing process, scientific research and everyday life in this conversation-focused game.

Elemental Flow


Take on the role of an elementalist, imbuing your words with fire, water, air and earth, and use these abilities to better communicate with others.

Elemental Flow is a role-playing game focusing on conversation mechanics, with the goal of understanding others rather than inflicting violence. Pick ability set-ups you enjoy, read your opponent well and time your actions effectively during the active encounters to successfully reach an understanding. Explore different cities and people, learning more about their hardships and culture, while helping people who are in a state of Discord.