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Faces of Adrian

Dialogue is about conversations, and conversations need characters. Today we introduce you to Adrian: next door neighbour of the main character and a biochemistry researcher by trade. We have a soft spot for science at TPG, so it’s no wonder one of the more heavily featured characters tries to deliver an everyday-lens on research to the story. Have a gander at a few of his in-game expressions, along with sound bites (voiced by the talented and enthusiastic Monty d’Inverno).



While Adrian would probably go on about research all day if you let him, he’s also a willing and supportive friend to Lucille.




Perhaps I’ve given away too much of his character already…

Nah, there is plenty to show and more, so have a bit of his more self-reflective side.



And that’s all for now. Look forward to more from Adrian, Lucille, and the rest of the cast of Dialogue in the coming months!


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