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Jacob’s Theme

This week we wanted to share a sample of the original soundtrack of Dialogue. Below is an excerpt from Jacob’s Theme, along with some insight into the process of creating it from Romy. Hope you enjoy it!

Most of the characters in Dialogue have their own musical theme. I wanted to experiment with linking certain motifs/sounds between characters to show their relationships to each other, and also their connection to the storyline as a whole. In Jacob’s theme, for example, there is a middle section that presents a variation of a melodic figure found in the main opening theme of the game, while certain choices of instrumentation also link his theme with Lucille’s, alluding to their familial connection. I like the idea of the soundtrack acting like a giant musical web, where one character’s thread is linked to the next in an interesting way.


Earlier this week, I also set out to record some of the sound effects we need for the game. I had a hilarious afternoon on my own in the studio recording things like door knocks, tea slurps and kettle clicks. It took a few cups of tea before I finally arrived at a slurping sound I thought was appropriate. EQ’ing a slurp is a very revealing process – everyone should try it once! I don’t however recommend drinking three cups of tea in quick succession without much of a pause unless you’re in the mood for feeling very jittery and oxygen-deprived afterwards. Still, all in the name of art I say! 😉
























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