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Elemental Flow Tease 1 – Art and Setting

After our initial reveal of Elemental Flow, we’re ready to share a bit more information! Elemental Flow is set in a fictional, modern world. The main character1 will explore different cities, each inspired by a real place, but with a few twists to give it its own identity.

A work-in-progress screenshot of our first city, whose inspiration is probably given away by the red phone booths. Click on the screenshot to see a higher resolution version.

With our new art style, we wanted something that was more realistic than Dialogue, while still retaining a certain playful manner. The art is based on photographic references, and you move around in a 3D space, but the people and objects pop up, as though they were 2D. We’re still working on the user interface, looking to make something that fits with a playful, semi-realistic-looking game.

We think this unique art style is something that catches the eye (especially when animated!), and helps express the mood of Elemental Flow, as well as setting it apart from other games. We’d love to hear what you think about the style (either here, on twitter, or via email). Stay tuned for more information about Elemental Flow!


1 The main character pictured isn’t going to be the main character in the final game. If you know us in person, you may know who the character models are! For such early stages where changes occur all the time, using ourselves as models means we can redo the characters whenever we need to.


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