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Elemental Flow (Working Title)

We want to introduce the next project by Tea-Powered Games. Currently called Elemental Flow, this game will also be about conversation, but in a very different way to Dialogue.

Elemental Flow is an active role-playing game (RPG), which means it will be a bit more complex. While we always want to reach as large an audience as possible, we wanted our second game to approach conversation in a different way. In creating an active RPG where your main interactions are through dialogue, we want to keep what we love about the genre (high levels of customisation, interesting worlds and characters, encounters with varying challenge levels), but house a different story – one that doesn’t centre on violence, focusing instead on how people communicate.

Get ready to learn what these ‘elemental conversations’ will entail, where the game takes place and what it will look like over the coming weeks!

We wrote a bit about the art of Elemental Flow here.


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