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Spirit RPG

Note: We’re going to talk in depth about our thoughts while designing this game, which will likely affect your experience of it. We highly recommend playing it first if you have any inclination to do so: Spirit RPG (itch.io)

What is the game about?

Spirit RPG is an RPG Maker prototype in which you convince spirits to lend you their powers through magical encounters that mirror turn-based RPG battles, but require you reach an Accord rather than simply fight. In these encounters, your characters have moves to defend or heal themselves, convince the spirits, or otherwise modify the encounter. If you succeed, the spirit joins you, providing new abilities to be used within encounters, or to help traverse the world (by moving boulders, slowing turbulent winds or growing plants, for example). 

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Tea-Powered Prototypes: Intro

Hi. We’ve been pretty quiet the last couple years. It has, perhaps for many people and obvious reasons, been a time of reflection. We’re also continuing work on Elemental Flow, something we’re really happy with and looking forward to showing off in the future. But right now, we wanted to take a break to do something a little different.

We didn’t always know that the thing that would become Elemental Flow was going to be our follow-up game after Dialogue. There was a period of time where we experimented by brainstorming ideas, building out prototypes and testing with friends. We were looking at those prototypes recently with no small amount of fondness. They exist in an in-between space – not quite marketable or complete enough to reasonably pull together into a Product, but also not neatly absorbed into other projects.

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