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Elemental Flow – Communicating as Developers

It’s time for something a little bit more personal than usual – we don’t talk as much as we should about our development process. The two of us at Tea-Powered Games have a tendency to avoid spoilers of every kind, for any forms of media, if we’re in the middle of experiencing it or we think we’ll get around to it in the near future. Discussing the media we love with others is valuable and enjoyable, but we like to come to that discussion uncoloured by others’ opinions when we can (except between the two of us, but we’re married and working together so that’s bound to happen).

There are exceptions – we play some games after we’ve read an article about its interesting story or good use of a certain mechanic, and some media isn’t our cup of tea – but otherwise we avoid dev logs, updates or anything involving story or mechanical spoilers. So you might see why we lean towards not talking about Elemental Flow’s development as we go along. If we wouldn’t want to hear about it before we play, why would other people? Besides, is our progress really worth cluttering up the internet when we could just release our next product and let it speak for itself?

The answer is yes, of course it’s worth it. It’s just been a bit tough for us to talk about our process, and even when we do, we err on the side of being vague. We’re still finding the most fun version of EF, figuring out how to sustainably create more art and tell the kinds of stories people are interested in hearing. Sharing at this stage can feel like making promises we’re not sure we’re ready to make. On the other hand, we’ve now shown EF at AdventureX, where a constant stream of people played it and gave us a lot of positive and useful feedback. We want to start sharing more about it, and we want you to be as excited about it as we are!

We only spoke about Dialogue a few weeks before its release, and that didn’t do the game any favours. We’ll keep you more informed about the process of making Elemental Flow, even in these early stages, so expect more posts up soon! Thank you for bearing with us, and we look forward to connecting with you about Elemental Flow, a game about developing relationships via magical conversations!


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