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The relevance of scientific research in Dialogue: A Writer’s Story

Lucille, the main character in Dialogue, writes articles, book reviews, and the occasional novel. While the game centres on her interactions and experiences throughout a year, we wanted Dialogue to be about more than just Lucille’s life. This is where her neighbour, Adrian, steps in.

Excited about working in one of the University of Renford’s biochemical research labs, Adrian is happy to explain the kind of work he does, sometimes in more detail than would strictly be necessary. As someone who hasn’t studied science, Lucille is intrigued by some of the aspects of research that Adrian brings to light. What is it actually like to work in a laboratory, and how much does that differ based on the discipline and group you’re working with? What kind of people choose this career trajectory, and how does that affect their lives? How do they feel about the media’s representation of them and their work?

We wanted to highlight various different answers to these questions, since we feel that the inner workings of research can be a bit obscure or unclear. We hope that, through the lens of Lucille, we will be able to use our own experiences to show the players the kinds of answers we have stumbled upon ourselves in a more approachable way.

Of course, given that Lucille is using these conversations as material for her new fantasy novel, there will be more light-hearted aspects of research to explore.


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