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Tea-Powered Games

Based in London, England

Release date (itch.io):

November 8th 2016

Release date (Steam): 

September 20th 2017





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£11.99 / $15.99


Dialogue: A Writer’s Story is a game about conversations, writing and science. In Dialogue, you play as the writer Lucille Hawthorne, exploring characters and events through a year in her life via mostly ordinary, and occasionally fantastical, conversations.

The game consists of various types of conversations with different mechanics. Active conversations occur in real-time, and the effect of Lucille’s statements can be modified through her equipped Focus. Exploratory conversations map different subjects spatially, allowing for backtracking and finding new paths, while emails can be arranged and edited.

Be inspired alongside Lucille as you help her write her science fantasy novel, learning more about her neighbour Adrian’s biochemical research to see her book through to its conclusion!



Tea-Powered Games was founded in 2013 by Florencia Minuzzi and Destina Connor, after having finished their PhDs (in mycology and computational neuroscience, respectively) and dabbled in writing and game design. With a desire to bring some of their perspective into a medium they cared about, they started working on Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, which explores both the writing and research process.



  • A relaxing and mature narrative game divided into three acts (all released as one game)
  • Different mechanics for different types of conversation: Exploratory, Active and Written
  • Fully Voice Acted, with a relaxing original soundtrack
  • Easy to play: very low barriers to entry and no fail states
  • Difficult to master: Replay and master individual scenes to unlock extra content and new ways to play the game
  • 4-6 hours for a single playthrough, with much more to explore and discover upon replaying.
  • Each equipped Focus is a way to learn more about a character’s preferences, or a new way to approach the conversation
  • Story which focuses on the writing process and the realities of research
  • Unique art style inspired by European cartoons


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Monetization Permission

Tea-Powered Games allows for the contents of Dialogue: A Writer’s Story to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Dialogue: A Writer’s Story is legally & explicitly allowed by Tea-Powered Games. This permission can be found in writing here.


About Tea-Powered Games

Tea-Powered Games

Tea-Powered Games is a British independent game studio lead by Destina Connor and Florencia Minuzzi, aiming to create games combining interesting narratives and mechanical depth.

More information on Tea-Powered Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Dialogue Credits

Destina Connor

Design and Programming, Tea-Powered Games

Florencia Minuzzi

Writing and Art, Tea-Powered Games


Music and Sound Design, Freelancer

Zoë O’Shea

Art, Freelancer

Antony Churchill

Programming, Freelancer








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