Dialogue: A Writer’s Story is a PC/Mac game about conversations, writing and science. In Dialogue, you play out a year in the life of Lucille, a writer working on her science fantasy novel, whose content is highly inspired by her neighbour Adrian’s research subject, biochemistry.

The game consists of various types of conversations with different mechanics. Active conversations occur in real-time, and the effect of Lucille’s statements can be modified through her equipped Focus. Exploratory conversations map different subjects spatially, allowing for backtracking and finding new paths, while emails can be arranged and edited.

Dialogue combines ease and depth of play to provide a well-rounded narrative experience grounded in everyday life. The game is fully voice acted, with a relaxing soundtrack and European cartoon-inspired characters. Playing through Dialogue takes around 3-6 hours.

The presskit for Dialogue can be found here. Dialogue is available from itch.io and Steam!

  • Converse in Real-Time

  • Explore Conversations

  • Learn more about characters

  • Edit and rephrase emails

  • Change up your approach

Press for Dialogue:

Hey Poor Player – “True to its name, it boasts the most comprehensive dialogue system I’ve ever seen in a game… In Dialogue, understanding and empathizing with people is very much an end in itself. …I found myself wanting to be more like Lucille – someone genuinely interested in people and their complex personalities.”

VideoGamer – “There’s a nice mingling of science and creativity, and it realises the process of sieving information to get to the nuggets of interesting and imaginative things remarkably well.”

Fuwa Novel – “Dialogue: A Writer’s Story is probably the best depiction of what it’s like to be a writer you’ll ever find in games.”

Big Boss Battle – “The game explores many topical issues, such as the complexities of writing a novel and media distortions when it comes to research. There is also commentary on relationships, biases and work-related struggles, making it a very interesting and engaging game to play.”