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Elemental Flow is a role-playing game (RPG) with conversation encounters instead of battles, whose story centres on finding your voice and exploring relationships. Players explore a modern optimistic world, where technology has developed to coexist with nature and society has evolved in a cooperative direction.

Encounters are active and involve the player using a variety of elemental abilities which involve talking, listening and thinking, with the right timing and execution to carry out a form of symbolic, active conversation. At the same time, the player must observe the patterns and preferences of the other character, adapting and allowing them to express themselves, all with the ultimate goal of reaching a mutual understanding.

Elemental Flow aims to uphold what many people love about RPGs (different abilities to equip, interesting worlds to inhabit, characters to meet and encounters with varying challenge levels) while housing a different kind of story – one that doesn’t centre on violence, but rather on communicating with others.

A demo version of Elemental Flow, called Sofia’s Side Story, is available for free on Itch.



Tea-Powered games was founded in 2013 by Florencia Minuzzi and Destina Connor, after having finished their PhDs (in mycology and computational neuroscience, respectively) and dabbled in writing and game design. With a desire to bring some of their perspective into a medium they cared about, they started working on Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, which explores both the writing and research process. Their second game, Elemental Flow, uses elemental abilities as a form of symbolic, active conversation, with the ultimate goal of reaching an understanding with other people.



  • Elemental Flow is a short RPG for Console, PC/Mac set in a modern world where the player deals with conflict via conversation encounters
  • A different kind of story about finding your voice and exploring relationships (familial, platonic and romantic)
  • Photo-based art style and ‘2.5D’ visuals are distinct
  • Conversation mechanics are active and engaging, as well as flexible enough to allow for customisation
  • Unique take on conversations allows the player to get to know characters through play as well as words 




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Please send us an email ( team@teapoweredgames.co.uk ) and we’ll get back to you as soon as a press copy is available for you (this may take some time – Elemental Flow is in the early stages). Alternatively, contact us via our online form to request a press copy.


Monetization Permission

Tea-Powered Games allows for the contents of Elemental Flow to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Elemental Flow is legally & explicitly allowed by Tea-Powered Games. This permission can be found in writing here.


About Tea-Powered Games

Tea-Powered Games

Tea-Powered Games is a British independent game studio lead by Destina Connor and Florencia Minuzzi, aiming to create games combining interesting narratives and mechanical depth.

More information on Tea-Powered Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Elemental Flow Credits

Destina Connor

Design and Programming, Tea-Powered Games

Florencia Minuzzi

Writing and Art, Tea-Powered Games


Composer and Sound Design, Freelancer








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